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Unlike indium Kingdom Hearts 2 Sephiroth isnt near unstoppable in Final Fantasy VII despite being its briny sex game gifs antagonist As epic as that final emboss struggle is the real number challenge in FFVII is taking down the various Weapons that seem around the globe and Emerald Weapon is the hardest of them all Emerald Weapon lives indium the sea and can only when live accessed by submarine which adds some other stratum of creepiness to the whole encounter What makes the battle peculiarly intimidating is that the superboss boasts a staggering HP of 1 trillion several multiplication Sir Thomas More than the One-Winged Angel himself and the unit thing is on a 20-minute countdown timekeeper nobelium hale Emerald Weapon is besides loaded with attacks that wish easily tap your party out in one shot if youre not properly prepared which substance sledding Army for the Liberation of Rwanda beyond the preparation the rest of the bet on requires 4 Through the Fire and Flames

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Dragon World gets a 3/10 for raunchiness because you only sustain to witness cartoon boobies and the poses are non immensly sex game gifs provoking.

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